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GBJR Toys updates for

March 25, 2014,

We will be producing a 6" and mini mallows line of Defenders of the Earth featuring The Phantom, Flash Gordon and Mandrake the magician.

Ignacia from Wildguard has been dropped from Series2 and replaced with Cassie from Hack/Slash and is available now on the store to reserve.

Our store has been updated with new rough shipping dates and info for line changes and additions.

As always any questions regarding orders please email

GBJR Toys updates for here.

Did you miss out on the mini zombies? Get them now!

March 10, 2014,

Did you miss us at MonsterMania in Cherry Hill NJ this weekend? Click Here to buy the Mini Mallows Debute Zombies! There were two undead little limited edition zombies Pandead and Dead Asylum! There were only a few leftover from the show so grab them while you can!
coming soon?coming soon?

Did you miss out on the mini zombies? Get them now! here.

Who is your favorite character in Indie Spotlight series2?

King Zombie
Dick Tracy
Jack Staff
The Tick

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